Eindhoven designs vol. 4: ID’10

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Experience your future through ID’10, the yearly exhibition of the Department of Industrial Design at the Eindhoven University of Technology. ID’10 shows the work of the Master’s graduates plus a selection of Bachelor’s and Master’s projects from Industrial Design at the TU/e. Industrial Design focuses on designing intelligent systems, products and services. Experience at ID’10 what our society could be like in the (near) future. The designs are based on new technologies, societal trends, user studies, business aspects and new forms of interaction design. Our close relationship with industry ensures that this design vision can become a reality. ID’10 gives you the opportunity to experience this new reality now, through interactive prototypes.

Authors Michael Cruz Restrepo, Jorge Alves Lino & Caroline Hummels

Published by Eindhoven University of Technology (October 2010)