[Abstract] Designing for Automated journalism in the Netherlands: first steps and no way back

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We propose our user-centred design method for automated journalistic tools with the goal of supporting journalists’ efficiency, allowing for more time to be allocated to investigative and reflective tasks that lead towards in-depth journalism. Our method allows for a journalist-focused, positive perspective on algorithmic news: instead of viewing journalism as a practice in need of replacing, we provide a holistic way to look at journalistic ways of working where there are many promising opportunities for innovation using natural language generation and other artificially intelligent technologies.

Authors Hanna Zoon, Jeske van Dongen and Jorge Alves Lino.

Keywords Automated news, robot journalism, user-centred design, design methods, natural language generation, summary technology, conversational interfaces, Dutch language.

Accepted for publication in International Conference on Algorithms, Automation and News 2018, in Munich, Germany.