This website reflects my work and personality.

I hope you find it sassy, laid back, and yet inspiring, as I like to think I am! Enjoy! 🙂


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I am a Dutch-Portuguese designer based in the Netherlands since 2007. My curiosity for the world led me to globetrot for a few years during my 20s, first as a student, and later on as a young designer. My stops after Portugal were Belgium, Czech Republic, France and now the Netherlands. I love meeting new cultures, and I am passionate about creating unique and beautiful things that matter.

My education
Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e)

Faculty Industrial Design

PhD candidate in Responsive Environments

Expected conclusion in 2019

LusĂłfona University, Lisbon, Portugal

Faculty Arts, Communication and Architecture 

Master in Multimedia Communication systems 

2004 - 2005
University-College of West-Flanders (HOWEST)

Faculty New Media & Communication Technology

Master research in Responsive Environments

2005 - 2006

University of Lisbon, Portugal

Faculty Fine-Arts (FBAUL)

Bachelor in Communication Design 

1998 - 2004
My values
“You can design and create, and build the most wonderful place in the world.”
- Walt Disney
My vision

I am an idealist who uses his design craftsmanship and approach to address challenges on a societal and systemic level and believes in the transformative qualities of the arts and creative industries as enablers of the well-being of people and communities.


My experiences as a creative and a leader include the cultural sector, the creative industries, business and academia. My leadership values prioritise the nurturing of a healthy balance between the people I work with, the processes we set in place and the product we create, in three main interest areas that I am currently working on.

Creative Economy

Investigating and enabling the value creation and transactions generated by the cultural and creative industries towards other sectors of society. Current work includes the setting up of an interdepartmental research theme and a national centre of expertise at the Fontys University of Applied Sciences.

Future Media

Investigating how technology deploys media potential that triggers new forms of interaction between people and groups in near-future narratives. Current work includes responsive environments, automated storytelling, post-digital realities, media literacy and the future of the internet.

Transformative Practices

Exploring and supporting transformation paradigms and aim at enabling socially, environmentally and economically sustainable communities. Current work includes the study and exporting of transformative practices from the art, design, heritage and business worlds, and their impact in other sectors.

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My people

I have the privilege to have some of the most inspirational in the world within my close circle of relationships. We use time as currency to help each other in challenges we occasionally need a sparring partner to reflect with.


They make me super proud and grow as a person and as a professional. This section is my “thank you” to them. 🙂


Meet My People

Cindy-van-den-Bremen.jpg in tribes

Cindy van den Bremen

Program Manager Social Design at ZET Brabant, and Programmer of the Night of the Nerds
Caroline-Hummels.jpg in tribes

Caroline Hummels

Professor Design and Theory for Transformative Qualities at the Eindhoven University of Technology
Ward-Rennen.jpg in tribes

Ward Rennen

Director Eindhoven Museum
Lorna-Goulden.jpg in tribes

Lorna Goulden

Director Digital Experience at Conclusion Digital, and Initiator of the Eindhoven IoT Meetup and Things Network
strp-2017-04.jpg in 2017-strp-biennale

STRP 2017

25.jpg in 2016-designhuis-stad-in-beweging

Stad in Beweging

Designhuis_Artez_033.jpg in 2016-designhuis-artez

Expo ArtEZ Fashion talents

Design direction
MAFAD-DDW-2015-04.jpg in 2015-designhuis-mafad-ddw

Slow City vs Liminal Space

Design direction
strp-06-1.jpg in 2015-strp-biennale

STRP 2015

ING.jpg in 2014-ING

ING Social Media

Design direction
online Since
honors and awards
Jorge Alves Lino

Dutch-Portuguese designer based in Eindhoven since 2007.
Currently affiliated to the Fontys University of Applied Sciences
as professor of media, interaction and storytelling & the
leader of the interdepartmental theme Creative Economy


Into creative economy, value creation, design, media, culture,
storytelling, robot-journalists, responsive environments,
life poetry, sun and my pirate dachshunds. 🙂

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