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The STRP Festival is one of the most significant art & technology festivals in Europe where music, art, and technology meet. The multidisciplinary program combines 360-degree experience and adventure to appeal to a broad audience — projects by young game designers alongside major works from established international artists, experimental live cinema, and successful pop artists and DJs. At STRP, interactive art, light art, robotics, concerts, theatrical and dance performances, experimental music, interviews, discussions, films, lectures, video art, animation, and workshops co-exist dynamically.


STRP’s 2017 Biennale surrounded the theme “Senses & Sensors,” seeking out how the trend of adding sensors to the technology around us will transform our interaction with it. The festival introduced to a world full of installations that sense their presence and react, immersing them in an experience questioning how this trend may grow to affect our future lives. Through a multitude of expos and workshops, guests can form their own opinion on the subject matter and the control and privacy issues that so commonly surround it.

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